Listing queer her / Queer game listing

List of queer games: Games by Decade
Queer game con: QGCon

Přednášky / Lectures

Bo Ruberg – Queer/cis empathy and compassion
GGC 2017: Interrogating Empathy: Models of (Queer) Feeling in Games (by Dr. Bonnie Ruberg)

Bo Ruberg – Queer games avant-garde
Bo Ruberg (UC Irvine) — The Queer Games Avant-Garde

Konkrétní hry / Few games

Long time listener, last time caller (Skype/Zoom game about end of the world) – Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller – Jeff Dieterle
This Is Fine (In person game about applying for a job in the middle of climate apocalypse) – AN APOCALYPTIC NETWORKING EVENT
Jeka Games (Jess Rowan Marcotte, queer they/them game developer) – JEKA GAMES: About
KittyHorrorshow (genius short, non-brutal horror games) –
Secret little haven (chatting simulator about transgirl) –
Queers in Love at the End of the World (10 second lesbian adventure) –
Caper in the Castro (první queer hra ever) –

Knihy / Books

Alfie Bown – Enjoying it, Candy Crush and Capitalism
Bonnie Ruberg – No Fun
Bonnie Ruberg – The Queer Games Avant-Garde
Adrienne Shaw + Bonnie Ruberg – Queer game studies
Metahaven – Can Jokes Bring Down Governments
Janine Engelbrecht – The New Lara Phenomenon
Robert Alan Brookey + David J. Gunkel – Gaming Representation
Jesper Juul – The Art of Failure
Jon Bailes – Ideology and the Virtual City
Legacy Russell – Glitch Feminism
Melissa Kagen – Walking Simulators, Gamergate, and the Gender of Wandering
Melissa Kagen – Walking, Talking and Playing with Masculinities in Firewatch
Paul B. Preciado – Can a Monster Speak?
Todd Harper – The Culture of Digital Fighting Games
Jack Halberstram – The Queer Art of Failure